Become a merchant

Become a Merchant

Cloud9xp’s Merchant community is part of our purpose

Together we deliver the most amazing experiences to thousands of customers.

We're always on the lookout for fresh and exciting new experiences and events - we invite you to join our merchant community. Cloud9xp’s merchant community expands across our breadth of categories including tours & attractions, motor and racing, flying, adventure, getaways, shooting, water sports, outdoors, indoor fun and nightlife.

While many merchants have been on board since our beginning, others are new to our community. Whatever your experience we work with you to curate a range of amazing, unique and often exclusive experiences - all with the aim to gain new customers.

Your Exposure

Cloud9xp excels at providing you with access to a new source of global customers that complement your own. Our high brand awareness, great range and market exposure provides your experiences with the opportunity for incremental sales. Our unique marketing channels include:

  • Online customers buying experiences.
  • Corporate customers looking for alternative and unique team building or recreational experience options.
  • A growing number of affiliate, retail, distribution and tourism partners.

How It Works

Cloud9xp is an online marketplace where customers come for amazing experiences for themselves and others. Customers purchase experiences using “book now” or “buy a voucher” options, while our branded apparel are added to cart as an instant purchase. While we encourage merchants to have live dates and times available for our “book now” option, a request process is also available.

Book Now or Buy a Voucher

The Book Now option enables customers to select a date and time and receive an instant confirmation where merchant availability is available. Merchants may use Cloud9xp’s availability system or one of our many integrated platforms may also work for you. On the other hand, Buy a Voucher option allows customers to purchase a non-dated voucher and redeem at the venue at a later time.

How guests pay

Cloud9xp handles all of the payments—you never have to deal directly with money. Visitors get charged before they arrive.

What to expect

Once an experience is booked, a merchant will receive an email notification with the details of the booking. The visitor also receives an email with his/her booking details and should present the voucher to the experience provider to redeem the experience.

How you get paid

Some of the ways you can choose to get paid include Mobile Money (M-Pesa), Direct Deposit, and International Money Wire. Your payment is automatically sent up to 48 hours after your visitor enjoys the experience. Easy.

Earnings and fees

Listing your space on Cloud9xp is free. Cloud9xp takes a 20% service fee on each booking. As more merchants get on board, we promise to lower this fee.

What to charge

What you charge is up to you. However, we recommend that you charge exactly what the client would pay on the ground. Cloud9xp enables you to attract more visitors because a booking on our website creates commitment.

What we DO

Bring you new markets and offer you new marketing channels.

Curate a range of quality, unique and exclusive experiences.

Accept automatic electronic and mobile money payments.

Sell at standard prices.

Have a mobile friendly and self serve merchant portal.

Share verified customer reviews.

Have a support team dedicated to merchants.

What we DO NOT do

Charge set up costs or ongoing fees.

Sell poor quality experiences.

Sign up every experience in every location.

Focus on discounting.

Compete on your brand in search

Cloud9xp is built on trust

We require verified information from both merchants and visitors, including phone numbers. After an experience, the visitor gets a chance to write a review. Reviews keep merchants accountable for treating hosts and their homes with respect.

So much more than money

Besides the extra income, merchants join a supportive worldwide community. There are always opportunities to learn from Cloud9xp and other experience providers.

Start your experience with us today

It only takes a few steps to sign up and get started, otherwise if you are already part of our merchant community.


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