The Bloukrans Bungy is the world's highest commercial bungy bridge. It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the world. We have had a number of world records associated with Bloukrans. In 2003, Bloukrans bungy was recognised as the worlds highest commercial bungy jump. In 2008 we were part of two more world records. Veronica Dean performed 19 bungy jumps in one hour and Bill Boshoff performed 101 jumps in a 24 hour period. Bill’s world record was subsequently surpassed, but in 2011 we facilitated Scott Huntley to regain the world record with 107 jumps in the 24 hour period. 

We have played host to the likes of Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne, Thabo Mbeki, the Zuma family, Bobby Skinstad, Hansie Cronje, Fanie De Villiers, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, The Amazing Race, and many more famous and not so famous visitors - you never know who you could meet on any given day at Bloukrans, the worlds highest bungy bridge! 

Why you'll love this

The bridge is 216 meters high. But don’t worry you won’t be going all the way! Depending on your weight and the cord you jump on, you’ll be going down about 160m.

This is the most amazing experience of your life! We do all this with a long bungy cord attached to Africa's largest bridge!

The view from Africa’s highest bridge captures all the majesty and tranquility of the Bloukrans River valley. But there is nothing tranquil about throwing yourself more than 200 metres down towards the river below. Recognised as the ‘highest bungee from a bridge’ in the world, Bloukrans Bungy uses pendulum bungee technology to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible. Jumpers are secured in a full-body harness combined with an ankle connection.

Other info

Is it safe? -Yes! we have a 25 year fatality free record and intend to maintain it! Everyone of our jumpers has lived to tell the tale.

Can you jump tandem? -Nope! we only offer single jumps...this is a very personal journey from fear to elation!
What's the recoil like?
-This is the smoothest bungy on the planet. The cord is attached to the back of the bridge and loops under the bridge to the jump point at the front. The bungy cord therefore pulls you out of your freefall into a huge pendulum swing as you rebound...

Does the price include video & Tshirt? -The price is for the jump only. Your get to view your video and photos after the jump and they are available for purchase immediately if you choose. Clothing is also extra.
Cost:850 Rand (US$54) if booked in advance, 890 Rand (US$57) if booked on site. Jump price does not include professional photos (200 Rand) and video (300 Rand) provided on an 8G USB which can be purchased for a combined price of 400 Rand (US$26) after the jump.

Map and Directions to Bloukrans Bungy -GPS : 33° 58' 0.55" S / 23° 38' 43.01" E From Cape Town On the N2 40 km East of Plettenberg Bay, you go through the Tsitsikamma tollgate. 3 km past the tollgate you will cross Bloukrans bridge 500m past the bridge, turn left at the road sign "Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village / BungyJumping". From Port Elizabeth On the N2 20 km West of the Storms River Bridge turn right at the Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village, which is also signposted with "bungy jumping”

No previous experience is necessary to take part in any of the activities. The following conditions may preclude you from jumping: pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart conditions, neurological disorders, epilepsy, acute or chronic knee or back injuries, osteoporosis and any skeletal conditions.

Should you suffer from any condition, a medical certificate stating you can jump will be required which must be signed within 30 days of participating in any activity.

...And most importantly

All clients are requested to arrive on site one hour prior to the booked jump time. 

Please note that all participants will be required to sign an indemnity form on the day of the activity. 

We will make every effort to ensure that you jump as...

Open Daily 09h00 to 17h00

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